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Podcast: Tim and Julie Harris’ 2021 Real Estate Predictions | Tim and Julie Harris

Todays podcast is part 1 of Tim and Julie Harris' 2021 real estate market predictions. Listen now as Tim and Julie present their first 5 real estate predictions for 2021. Will 2021 experience a real estate crash or a bigger sellers market, will interest rates rise, will there be a surge in distressed real estate (REOs and Shortsales)? 2021 is start of new decade and real estate market. This could be one of the greatest times for you both personally and professionally. It is safe to predict that much of what it took to be successful for the last 10 years will be replaced by new rules, new systems and new leaders. Listen now.

Podcast: The Gratitude Show, Thank-You Listeners, Fans and Clients! | Tim and Julie Harris

Thank-you listeners, fans and coaching clients. Tim and Julie read you 3 of the holiday cards they received.

Podcast: News Flash! How To Apply For Paycheck Protection Program (PPP Info) | Tim and Julie Harris

News flash. Listen now how to apply and obtain your PPP loan. Every agent should consider doing this immediately. Remember, when you follow the SBA's simple rules your PPP loan coverts to a GRANT. A Grant doesn't have to repaid. Listen now to learn if you qualify (99% of you will), how to apply and be approved. Important, as before the PPP loans will go FAST. Take action NOW.

Podcast: Why Tim And Julie Harris Moved To Puerto Rico. | Tim and Julie Harris

Why did Tim and Julie Harris move to Puerto Rico? When you listen to today's show you will learn the 7 reasons why Tim and Julie moved from Austin Texas to Dorado Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has many advantages that you may have never considered. Most people know Puerto Rico for the beaches, the wonderful people and island lifestyle. But did you know that Puerto Rico is perhaps the best place in the world for a business owner? Listen now to the top 7 reasons Tim and Julie moved to PR....and maybe why you should do the same.

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Podcast: EXCLUSIVE Gene Frederick Interview | Real Estates Most Influential Leader

Happy Holidays. Listen now to today's Holiday Special Interview with Gene Frederick. Gene is on the board of directors and is the 3rd largest shareholder in EXP Realty. Gene is widely recognized as one of the most influential people in real estate. Gene has been a leader in the real estate industry for decades having traversed many market cycles and real estate trends. Today we join Gene and his lovely wife Susan as Gene shares with us the journey to where he is today. What you will learn from this show will motivate you, educate you and get you into massive action. Gene is a living embodiment of having a life focused on being of service to others and 'doing what you don't want to do when you don't want to do it at the highest level'. As always, if you would like to join EXP Realty please text Tim Harris directly, 512-758-0206.


PODCAST: Urgent News, Paycheck Protection Program Details. ACT Quick! | Tim and Julie Harris

Revived Paycheck Protection Program Outline

Key Highlights

- New Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) runs through March 31
- This is second cash infusion – you CAN get PPP relief aid in this second round
- This is all we know so far...

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is back for another go.This revived PPP will run through March 31. If you applied and received PPP aid in the first go-around, you can apply and, hopefully, receive money again. The PPP package contains $285B to eligible small businesses for additional loans even to businesses that received PPP loans before as well as to first-time business applicants. Here are the specifics we know at this point:

- Runs through March 31
- Program reopened to businesses that have already received help plus “new” small business applicants
- Loans are tax-free
- Loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration but made by banks and other lenders
- SBA spokesperson – “next round of PPP (to be) launched as quickly as possible”
- Funds can be used for payroll, rent, utilities PLUS supplies from vendors, protective equipment for their staff, or to fix property damage

- Must have fewer than 300 employees and have had a -25% drop in sales from one year earlier in at least one quarter to qualify for loan up to $2M
- Borrowers limited to 2.5 times their payroll – only hotels and food service businesses eligible for 3.5 times payroll
- Publicly-traded companies are ineligible for these funds
- Most active lenders in first round included Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Cross River Bank and Wells Fargo
- Allows business owners who received loans in first round to claim deductions for expenses they paid for with loan proceeds
- Loans may become grants if and when the program recipient is in compliance with all requirements and reporting documentation thoroughly and completely

Thanks to The New York Times.

PODCAST: Breaking News! Paycheck Protection Program, Covid Stimulus Package Details. | Tim and Julie Harris

Key Highlights

  • Nearly $900B bipartisan breakthrough after months of bickering
  • “…far from perfect, but it will deliver emergency relief to a nation in the throes of a genuine emergency”
  • Summary of what known so far

It’s taken months and months, along with much suffering, to come to some sort of bipartisan agreement on a second COVID relief package but it’s here.  This package totals nearly $900B to include $600 direct payments to qualifying Americans, a $300 boost in unemployment benefits and funding for small business aid and vaccine distribution.

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This relief package is only the second major legislation in response to the COVID pandemic since March when the $2T CARES Act was passed.  There are some glaring omissions within this package that lawmakers had to remove in order to achieve this compromise measure…sizable aid to cash-strapped state and local governments and a sweeping liability shield to protect businesses from COVID-related lawsuits.  Additionally, Republicans had to vastly scale back demands that would have prevented the chair of the Federal Reserve from establishing similar CARES Act-like facilities to appropriate aid.

Here’s what we know about this legislation at this point in time:

  • Direct stimulus payments of $600 to adults earning up to $75,000
  • Revived lapsed supplemental federal unemployment benefits at $300/week for 11 weeks
  • Continue and expand federal payments (unspecified) for gig workers and freelancers and extend payments to workers whose benefits have expired
  • More than $284B for businesses
  • Revival of Paycheck Protection Program and expand its eligibility to include nonprofits, local newspapers/radio/TV broadcasters (unspecified)
  • Allocation of $15B for performance venues, independent theaters and other cultural institutions
  • Billions (unspecified) for testing, tracing and vaccine distribution
  • $82B for colleges and schools
  • $7B for broadband access
  • $13B for nutritional assistance
  • $25B in rental assistance (unspecified @ owner assistance)
  • Unspecified agreement to extend eviction moratorium set to expire at end of December
  • Ban on “surprise” medical bills from out-of-network health providers – hospitals and doctors now need to settle up with health insurers
  • Simplification of federal government’s student financial aid form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid – FASA) and expansion of federal Pell grant program to low-income students and reversing ban on extending such grants to prisoners pursuing degrees while imprisoned
  • Forgiveness of +$1B in federal loans to historically Black colleges and universities
  • Deals (unspecified) to counter climate change and promote clean energy, the first such legislation in over a decade.

More when we know it.

Thanks to The New York Times and National Public Radio.

PODCAST: What Do Racing Pigeons, EXP Realty, C19 Vaccine Have In Common? | Tim and Julie Harris

WARNING: The Sunday Special edition of Real Estate Coaching Radio with Tim and Julie Harris is NOT your normal podcast. On Sunday's Tim and Julie Harris talk about everything on their minds from the real estate industry to UFOs and alien visitation. Point being, be prepared for just about anything. On today's show you will learn more about the Covid Vaccine and why you shouldn't be fearful of being first in line to take it. You will also hear Tim and Julie share with you how to avoid the holiday blues so you can truly enjoy the this time of year. And of course you will hear about real estate. If you haven't completed your 2021 Real Estate Business and Life plan you solution is a text away. Simply text 2021 to 855-685-1045. As always thank you for continuing to make Tim and Julie Harris’s podcast the number one listened to daily podcast for real estate professionals with over 10 million downloads real estate coaching radio is the must listen to daily show for anyone serious about the real estate career.

PODCAST: How To List Expireds. Scripts, Systems, Leads. Listen Now | Tim and Julie Harris

Are you finally ready to learn had had a list expired homes and commercial properties. Listen now as Tim and Julie Harris tell you what to say how do you say it based on proven systems that work in every price range and every market condition. It’s a simple fact that expired listings are one of the best sources of real estate seller leads on planet earth.

PODCAST: Biggest Centers of Influence, Past Client Marketing Mistakes. | Tim and Julie Harris

When you listen to today's podcast you will learn exactly what you should be doing now to generate leads from your COI and PC list. You will be shocked to learn how ineffective most COI/ PC campaigns truly are. They are too complicated, too expensive and most critically, inauthentic. Don't worry, your solution is here. Listen now. To receive your free real estate and life business plan simply text 2021 to 855-685-1045. As always thank you for continuing to make Tim and Julie Harris’s podcast the number one listened to daily podcast for real estate professionals with over 10 million downloads real estate coaching radio is the must listen to daily show for anyone serious about the real estate career.