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Podcast: Top 10 ‘Hidden’ Sources For Homes For Sale (NOT On The MLS) | Tim and Julie Harris

October 28, 2020

If the only source for new listings you know about is the MLS, of course you are struggling. Would it surprise you to learn that there are at least 10 'hidden' sources for homes for sale? When you listen to today's show you will learn the first 4 sources for non-MLS listings...and how to contact those sellers. 2021 will see more inventory shortages for agents who only know how to find listings in the MLS. Break free of the inventory constrained markets. Thank-You For Making Tim and Julie Harris' Podcast Real Estate Coaching Radio the #1 Daily Podcast For The Real Estate Industry. With Nearly 10 Million Downloads (and Listens) from over 50 countries Real Estate Coaching Radio Is The Trusted Podcast For Real Estate Professionals All Over The World. Text Me: (512) 361-5121