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Podcast: The Real Reasons So Few Accomplish Their Goals | Tim and Julie Harris

January 22, 2021

How serious are you about your goals?  Are you a goal setter or goal achiever?

Will Durant (writer and historian), wrote: 'We are what we repeatedly DO.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a HABIT.'

In the book Great by Choice, the author shares the true story of two explorers, Amundsen and Scott.  Each of them led separate teams. on an expedition race to the South Pole in 1911.  The journey there and back was about 1400 miles. 

Both teams would travel the same distance through very harsh weather, each team took a totally different approach to their journey.

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Scott's strategy was to walk as far as possible on the good weather days and then rest up on the bad days to conserve energy.  (Sound familiar? Working when you 'feel like' working or when the 'conditions are right')

Conversely, Amundsen's team stuck to a strict regimen of consistent progress, walking 20 miles per day no matter what. 

Who won?  Amundsen's team.  Consistent action, doing what they didn't want to do when they didn't want to do it on even the hardest days.

Now that your job is to execute your goals, how are you doing so far? 

Does your daily schedule reflect your goals?  Don't mistake the statement of your goals as the same as executing them.  If your goals are truly 'SMART' goals, you should already be on the path to achieving them! (Specific, Measturable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely).

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-Do you have short term goals, backed by disciplined, daily action?

The aviation industry has a guideline or rule, called 'The 60 to 1 rule'.  The rule is that if you're 1 degree off your designated course, you'll miss your target landing spot by 92 feet for every mile you fly.  In other words, 1 mile off for every 60 miles traveled.

Are you on track, ahead or behind on your goals?

What are your milestones?

Example:  If your Magic Number of Listings needs to be 5, but you've already gone 19 days into 2021 with only 1 listing, what's your next action step?  This depends a lot on your skill set.  If you're new at being a listing agent, perhaps the measurable and specific milestone is to take 1 new before the end of the month.  If you're already a great listing agent but you're just being lazy, then your goal might be 5 listings by February 15th.

Example:  If you need to lose 20lbs,  choose a significant date to attach the goal to, like your birthday or a wedding you're going to, or a vacation.  Then set milestones, like 5 pounds per month...etc.

Homework:  Create (and follow!) your daily business schedule which reflects your goals.  Set specific milestones in your calendar.  Consider adding some accountability.  You can have a race to your magic number contest with someone, or get a personal trainer to achieve your fitness goals.

“Successful people aren’t born that way. They become successful by establishing the habit of doing things unsuccessful people don’t like to do.” William Makepeace Thackeray