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Podcast: Listener Questions Answered | Seller Owes Too Much To List, HELP! | Tim and Julie Harris

October 20, 2020
Thank-You for joining the 10s of 1000s of real estate professionals from over 50 different countries that listen (and download) Tim and Julie Harris's Podcast every day.When you listen to today's show you will learn exactly how to help sellers who have no equity and/ or have equity, but not enough to cover selling expenses. HINT: The answer IS NOT to do a short sale. Most everyone agrees that the real estate industry is changing quickly. The most dominate real estate brokerages and brands have no guarantee they will maintain their dominant position. For the past 10+ years success have been largely predicated on WHO you know (and buying leads). From here forward (for at least the next 10 years) who you know will still be critical, but not as much as WHAT YOU KNOW. Skills. Clearly the agents who will have the advantage are the agents that have the skill set others don't. Today's show is about just that, having a Ninja level skill set. Listen NOW.