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Podcast: Is Fear Ruling Your Life And Ruining Your Real Estate Career? | Tim and Julie Harris

The Rule Follower

This fear occurs when someone is so dedicated, almost addicted to following specific rules or guidelines set by those around them.  They are paralyzed by fear of breaking a rule, even if it's only a 'practice' and not a 'law'.  They're easily intimidated by people more experienced and authoritative.  

The net effect of this fear is that you are subject to someone else's rules all the time, versus defining your own guiding principles. 
1     Educate yourself on all the things necessary to succeed, operate ethically and remember that knowledge equals confidence, ignorance equals fear.  Take responsibility for your own knowledge.  
2     Be sure your coaching is coming from experienced and proven sources.  Then trust them and don't waste time checking and double checking.
“Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson, Journals of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 
The Self Doubter
Fear of not being good enough.
This person is insecure about their abilities and overreacts to mistakes.  Sometimes this is camouflaged by their over-reactive judginess of others which masks their own fears.
This person usually is very accountable and careful but sometimes to a fault.  They are the secret agents of the world, afraid to talk about real estate because they might make a mistake or not know what to say.  Fear of success is just as strong as fear of failure.  
1     Accept that fact that you WILL make mistakes, that sometimes you won't do as well as you wished, but learn from your mistakes.  Expecting to be perfect all the time is an expression of ego.  
2     Defeat fear of not being good enough by taking steps that make you uncomfortable 'on purpose' and realizing you're more capable than you think.  You are the sum of all your experiences so make sure you're having experiences and not hiding out from life.
“If you dare nothing,
then when the day is over,
nothing is all you will have gained.”
― Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book

Podcast: Exclusive Michael Reese Interview | EXp Realty, Lead Generation, Marketing, Zillow and More | Tim and Julie Harris

Today Tim Harris sits down with real estate icon Michael Reese. Michael and Tim drill down on all the latest real estate trends including Zillow and Open Door. Listeners will appreciate the unedited, direct answers to the most pressing questions most agents have. Will agents be relevant in the future? Now that Zillow is a national brokerage, what effect will that have on the traditional real estate brokerages? Why is eXp Realty predicted by many to be the worlds largest real estate brokerages?

Podcast: Is Zillow’s National Real Estate Brokerage A Real Threat To You? | Tim and Julie Harris

Now that Zillow is finally admitting their intentions to open competing real estate brokerages across the nation, how will you react? What can you do to prepare yourself (and your real estate business) for the inevitable change in consumer behavior? Now, add in Open Door. Open Door appears to be ramping up to go head to head with Zillow. Many believe that Open Door has aspirations to acquire a large real estate brokerage and possible a real estate portal. Redfin would certainly check those boxes. Where does this leave you? Listen now as Tim and Julie Harris share with you their projections about what happens next in the industry and...what you should be doing now.


Podcast: Why eXp Realty, Zillow And Open Door Will Dominate Real Estate | Tim and Julie Harris

The real estate wars are just about to start. Consumer behavior has shifted. Traditional real estate brokerage, franchise and big teams mark the end of a long term trend in the industry. The largest brokerages/ brands have officially given up on being agent focused and now proudly proclaim themselves and being consumer focused. On todays podcast Tim and Julie Harris will discusses these questions: What changes when brokerages no longer see agents as their primary focus? What happens when consumers behavior changes to favor brokerages that have their own ibuyer programs? What happens now that Zillow has officially become a national real estate brokerage?

Podcast: Zillow “Brokerage’ Is Here, Now What? | Tim and Julie Harris

The real estate industry is reeling now that Zillow has (finally) rolled out their own national real estate brokerage. The question is, what happens next? Listen to todays show as Tim and Julie Harris drill down on the 'Zillow Threat'.

What will probably happen next:
- Zillow could undercut the listing commission structure to get market share and there is basically nothing you can do. They are being aggressive on their ibuyer offers to gain market share for their ibuyer.....they are losing money per flip. Why wouldn't they do that for the sake of gaining market share for RESALE non-ibuyer listings. Zillow claims they wont do this, but they will.
- This will mostly effect midsize brokerages.
- Big brokerages could choose not to participate in their local MLS (thus IDX) and start their own national portals. (eXp is doing this)
- Zillow could easily effect the entitlement of buyer agent commissions as an automatic seller expense. Meaning, buyer agents commissions will be paid by the seller overtly.
- Zillows Premier Agent program remains their most profitable sector. Expect the expense to participate to increase dramatically...35%+ referral fees etc. Do the math on a referral where you are paying that much. In some cases the fees will be 50%. Basically, making you an hourly employee of Zillow.
- Zillow has a MASSIVE market cap. $17billion. They have the ability to buy market share with seemingly no downside. Be clear, Z will BUY market share and the traditional industry is stuck BUILDING market share. Other ibuyers will be going public and also compete directly with us. YOU must choose your broker partner wisely.

Podcast: The Zillow Threat Is Real, Are You Paying Attention? | Tim and Julie Harris

Breaking news about Zillow becoming a national brokerage causes fear in the real estate industry. Zillow Homes, what we know:
- Zillow is sending their ibuyer listings to their inhouse brokerages.
- Zillow has clear aspirations to become a national brokerage.
- Zillow Homes agents will be employees, salary.
- Zillow is your competitor not your partner.
- You are not Zillows customer. Consumers are. Who will this effect the most?
- Agents with low skill on how to compete not just with Zillow but everyone. - Agents not associated with a broker who has an ibuyer. Ibuyers create a lot of potential seller interest. Most motivated sellers. In a hot sellers market...where there is a lot of equity sellers are willing to pay for convenience. (If equity drops you won't see people having the ability to sell for less than full retail or they are underwater.) 9 out of 10 (or higher) sellers reject ibuyer offers. Most are 75-80% of retail or LESS after inspection. Those become SELLER leads. The real opportunity here is with SELLER leads.
- Agents who only know how to buy leads.
- Brokerages who don't have their own ibuyer, national portal, licensed in all 50 states...and are truly focused on being a tech company for the sake of serving agents who serve the public.

Podcast: How To Finally Stop Procrastinating. | Tim and Julie Harris

Are you like 99.999% of every human on planet earth...are you a procrastinator? Procrastinating the most important things in your business (and personal life) to the point where they never really truly get done?

'Getting ready to get started to someday possibly take the first step, IF the planets are in alignment and the sun is shining...'

These are the agents who spend a year on their Pre Listing Packages, always tweeking and over engineering everything instead of getting it done and USING it.

These are the agents who role play endlessly but never call an actual prospect because 'they're not good enough on the script yet'.

For Procrastinators: What's the cure?

1.     It’s important to push past that fear of starting.

“Getting started may feel like a big hill to climb, but you cannot edit or revise something that does not exist,” Hodge says. “Be careful not to place energy into a perfectly finished product; instead use it to troubleshoot an outline or an initial push.”

Sheryl Sandberg of FAcebook famously said, 'Done is better than perfect'.

2.     For our perfectionst procrastinators: In Real Estate, there is little which is perfect.  You're dealing with people.  Be perfect at the things that matter: write clean contracts, follow a specific process, be relentless in your prequalifying.  Let the rest go.

3.     Realize that taking the FIRST step is the most important and that the steps after that may not even be what you think.  Spending time guessing at what's next just wastes time.

4.     Set specific, attainable goals.  If you're working on the Treasure Map, give yourself 1 week to complete it. 

NERD OUT WARNING: Perfect is the Enemy of Good...where does that thought come from?

Aristotle, Confucius, and other classical philosophers propounded the principle of the golden mean, which counsels against extremism in general.[3] The Pareto principle or 80–20 rule explains this numerically. For example, it commonly takes 20% of the full time to complete 80% of a task while to complete the last 20% of a task takes 80% of the effort.[4] Achieving absolute perfection may be impossible and so, as increasing effort results in diminishing returns, further activity becomes increasingly inefficient.

In other words, Aristotle and Confucius would want you to stop 'getting ready to get started' and get to work!



Podcast: 23 Proactive Lead Generation Rules | Real Estate Scripts | Tim and Julie Harris

When you listen to today's show you will feel clarity and direction in your real estate business.(and maybe your life) The simple sad truth is that its nearly impossible to know what it truly takes to be successful long term in real estate. For most agents, it's almost overwhelming? The number of people who are competing for your attention trying to sell you yet another easy button idea that will 'solve all of your problems' is incredible. Aren't you absolutely DONE looking for short cuts and giving your attention (and money) to businesses that are simply feeding into your lack a clear path forward in your real estate business? Chances are, you have been up and down the 'easy button' mountain more than once and you finally...get it. You know that you must be a proactive lead generator and you must have a profit driven business. Congratulations!. That revelation was necessary for you to finally move forward. When you listen to todays podcast you will learn more Proactive Lead generation rules. Your homework after todays podcast will be to purchase HARRIS RULES in book form or on audio book.

Link to buy HARRIS RULES: Harris Rules: A Real Estate Agent's Practical, No-BS, Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Rich and Free

Podcast: Why Marketing, Branding, Social May Be Leading To Record Agent Failure | Tim and Julie Harris

Listen now to Tim and Julie Harris' Sunday Special Edition Podcast. On Sundays, anything goes. This is your chance to sit 'at the beach' with Tim and Julie as they talk about whatever is on their minds. Sometimes the topics on the Sunday Special Edition are business focused and other times Tim and Julie try to surprise each other (and you) with real headlines that almost too weird to believe. For example, today you will learn about how life seems to exist on the planet Venus. AND that life appears to have something in common with Penguins (you will never guess what). You will also learn more about what all the hot, trendy, easy button marketing ideas that have been pushed on agents may be leading to HIGHER agent failure rate. As always, Thank-You for joining the 10s of 1000s of real estate professionals that listen (and download) Tim and Julie Harris's Podcast every day.


Podcast: Prospecting, Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway (Simple Mindset Shift) | Tim and Julie Harris

The simple fact is you must learn to be a proactive lead generator (prospector) to have a career in any sales focused industry. There are NO shortcuts. Of course, there are things you can do to enhance your prospecting (social media, videos etc), but never replace prospecting. Every true sales professional in any industry will tell you that nothing replaces prospecting. One of the biggest reasons that most businesses fail, why 85% of all agents fail within 24 months is that they never learn how to be proactive with their lead generation. Since the normalization of social networking as a lead generation tool the failure rate of agents has INcreased. What stops most agents from moving foward to become proactive lead generators always comes down to ONE word....FEAR. Listen to todays show and Tim and Julie Harris will show you how to move past fear. Once you learn to recognize the fear within yourself you can then choose how to react to that fear. Listen now.